Monday, January 23, 2012

Where's the remote?

Well, well, well. Hit me in the head with a laser mouse if I’m the last to notice this but I am seeing mainstream news is now more focused on the internet than ever. I used to utilize the internet for news updates. Now I can go to the news for an internet update. All I need to know about the latest "viral" videos. *wide eyed reporter* "Over 10 million hits in 6 hours, Ya gotta see this!". Really? Do I? Because .5 million people clicked 20 times on a silly/heartfelt/remarkable video, you gotta take up valuable newstime on this? Shows like Tosh.0 and Ridiculousness overfill this gap. If not prone to these types of shows then I/you/we/everybody will see it on twitter/facebook/accidental google search. It will be shoved down our face on our home page, our email news/any inbox we own and then endorsed/debunked through numerous other sites.

Can you save the time I cordon off for "news" for things that I might not have heard? Can you get off your duff and go talk to people about real things and by people I mean REAL people not just fringe stereotypes.

Thank you.