Monday, June 15, 2009

Well Deserved Break

Seeing how the only time I have had off in a year has been three hospital stays (recap: Mom-Tcell transplant, mister- heart attack, son-neck surgery) I took my parents offer of help to attend a family reunion in Florida. It was a whirlwind trip leaving fri and returning yesterday, but refreshing still. Refreshing more because (sniff, sniff) kids wound up not being able to go. I was very disappointed. I did not gloat.
The boy had a 4wheeler accident that resulted in a broken collar bone. This would cause panic for the average person but it caused rage in this mom. He wasn't even supposed to be riding, as anyone who knows me or him KNOWS. Note that he lives with his father and obviously wore him down to get permission to even be on one before his year of healing is up. I will not bore you with the obvious conversations that ensued but needless to say i was as mad as a wet hen and wasn't taking a broken/not-yet-set child to Florida. Minime chose to work the double shifts that were offered to her and opted out since bubba wasn't going.
My diabolical plan ( ?!) to have an all adult weekend was falling into place. I packed a blender.
We stayed in the same area as we ever did when I was a child, at Fernandina Beach. Not crowded, one of everything you could need and family on every corner.
Bittersweet for my mom who spent her very young to teen years there and it was sad to watch her need help to walk on the loose sand to get to the tight, flat beach. Chemo left it scars in the form of severe neuropathy in the feet and hands.
My mom, on the right with her younger sister.

Fun was watching my dad at work with his new lens, don't ask me what it was, but it was way more powerful that what i have. I managed a few shots on my D70 with it.

Mister thought it was a great backdrop for an album cover so i went at it.

I though about you guys really...
Somewhere on Amelia Island/Fernandina Beach

Things that made me want to stay at the beach and not return:

  1. The beach
  2. Mister getting his groove back
  3. Did not want to see another bridge....ever
  4. convinced myself that i really COULD make a living with an umbrella business
  5. the palms
  6. the way anyone can wear damn near anything they want, at the beach
  7. The way humid, salty air makes my hair act ( think 80's big, sexy beach hair)
  8. Could not get cell phone signal on the beach.... YAY
  9. Crab anywhere, anytime.

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lime said...

funny parallels again as my mom helped me get to my family reunion kid free this weekend. i enjoyed mine and i am so glad you enjoyed yours.