Monday, October 12, 2009

42 & a New 'Do

Strange breeze on my neck.
Reaching for that which is not there.
"It was time." they said.
Silent tears and clenched fists.
"But look, hon" he said as he spun me around.
Audible gasp. (Is that a desperate house wife looking back?)
It is 42. I see it, embrace it and smile.
Everything is ok.

Yeah, it was time. That translates to "Can't you do something with that mop?". I have favored shoulder length or longer hair since age 13. I fully did NOT intend on lightening my load to this degree. And even though I clearly stated to at least leave me a ponytail, he seemed to know better. I guess that's what I pay him for, albeit it only once a year or more.

Combine this new do with the contacts (first timer) replacing glasses and I feel like a new person!

The birthday party was a blast. I ended up dyeing 6 sheets in all.

My husband reaaaaaaaally loves me because he went out of his way to find the exact Leatherman tool to replace one I lost recently. I love it!!

So far 42 doesn't stink too bad.


lime said...

you look fantastic (though i very well understand the angst over getting a hair cut, believe me).

the sheets are gorgeous.

and hey, 42 is the answer to the meaning of life.

you got it going on ;)

happy birthday!

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