Friday, December 30, 2011

What it's all about


...doesn't feel like it should. Temperatures are approaching record highs and while the trend of wearing cowboy/work boots with shorts is soaring at the mall, I will only attempt that look around the house. Folks 'round here are grumbling about not being in the shopping mood due to strange weather patterns. Yea whatever. I am glad to be working in these conditions, it is less tiring than shivering all day.


...have been awesome. Three straight days of family gatherings, and so much more special with Gbaby to spoil. She was quite entertaining! The unexpected hit at one gathering was the HexBug NanoBot... If you have small pets or children they are a hoot! Not even sure what they were but they both frightened and delighted Gbaby and when she tried to express such, it was hilarious! She was everywhere all the time, proven below.

THAT WAS FUN! Dad shota pano with each of us holding Dylan and this is what he was able to produce, called 'Follow the Bouncing Baby'. It was a hurried frenzied thing and she got a little antsy and probably confused as she was lierally tossed from lap to lap. Dad says he will figure a way to get everybody next year, but i think it works better like this.


.... is who ya make it, and then some. Dad recently found his birth mother that we have been looking for since the early nineties. When I joined the matrix in '94 I added him to an adoption website, but that was just the start. I dont think we got many hits from that but it stirred an interest to look harder. There was a missed opportunity to have a search doen through the Catholic Diocese in New York, a missed clue on the final adoption decree, and a misspelling of a married name that slowed the process over the years but when things started in that week before Nov. 20, they snowballed quickly and the puzzle filled itself in and suddenly he was 4 siblings and a birth mother richer!(I had given up years ago believing she was still alive, citing average life expectancy)

One of those sibings found their way to the middle of the Piedmont on Christmas eve and what a delight to meet family you did not know you had. There was resemblance and questions and staring and more questions. We left dad to visit with his half brother, which he did through the next day! Turns out that there are too many similarities to list between dad and his BM, besides looking dramatically like her, their interests throughout their life are spot-on. Photography, flying, science...... Yea I want to meet her. She is touched with alzheimers but confirmed quickly his birth and family is timid to press the issue as it makes her defensive. Still, one day... maybe just to see her.... would be awesome!

All in all, it was a beautiful holiday and back to hunting this weekend, only a few more weekends left before season is out and I gotta bag something for the freezer!

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