Monday, October 27, 2008

It was just THAT kind of day.....

It was the kind of day you might find yourself chasing a rooster/chicken between your home office parking lot and a busy interstate. Then agreeing to fowl sit for the day until you can relocate it to the 'Land of Milk 'N Honey' . Or the kind of day, even, follow me here, that you feel the responsibility (read: job requirement) to remove debris from the travel lanes. I mean that's what the flashing strobe is for, right? Todays choice of debris was a 12' 2"x10" that you just KNEW you could move/retrieve quickly and alone.
It also was destined for the land of milk 'n honey.
I am sure that niether of these escapades were pretty to watch.
What a wonderful return to day shift! It took 4 grown DOT men + me to catch chicken/rooster. I learned that 4 grown men think it's a rooster since it has a comb and no amount of me telling them could convince them otherwise.
SHE turned out to be a sweet bird and since mom and dad are settled back at home with NO MORE TREATMENTS, it is the perfect time for Mama to have something to worry about and the hen is an ideal subject. Mom went into overdrive fussing over her. I should explain that these people have had flocks in the past but in light of sickness and travel had let them go 2 yrs ago. I hate to admit that sometimes very weird things happen for a very good reason.
Daddy was equally pleased with the 12' 2x10, even though it wasn't treated lumber and i refered to it as "the first joist in my new house".
I am including a pic of the new family member. ( the feathered one)


lime said...

if someone had told you you'd acquire a chicken and a large chunk of wood at the beginning of the day you would have laughed at them. odd indeed. so has the bird been named?

misticblu said...

Wellll, office wanted to name "him" Jaybird after a fella that just left DOT with a stroke, BUT now SHE is located deep in the heart of land of la la la, she will probably be christened with the likes of 'bessie' or 'sweetie", something like that. :)