Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting Memories

I remember my parents taking my brother and I with them to vote at the very big church (*gasp* yes the church) that we did not attend. He would take me and Mom would take brother and they would actually take our hands and show us which lever to pull. ( Is that voter fraud? :)
Later in life I was enlisted to work the local polls at a defunct school and It was an experience. Let's just say sitting on 30 year old chairs for 12 hours was not comfortable but the whole day was fun. It was then I realized that traditionally (around here, at least) the elder women of the community were the matriarchs of this event. I was an outsider as i had been asked at the last minute to fill in for a sick regular. This was a day full of gossip and renewing relationships with each and every person that walked through the door.

I also took my children and taught them of this duty. After the first time, I realized that the kids needed a talk about library voices since my at-the-time 8 year old daughter asked loudly "Why are we voting for so-and-so, Mommy?".

For the past 5 yrs we have voted in a 100 yo building that is only 100 yds from my front door. We all walk down and stroll right in, no lines, but we won't be leaving anytime soon, no sir. We will be accosted by the matriarchs and required to update them on all family members health and recent travel.

I look out my front door and see the lights at the "polls" and the big city of Round Oak is already pulsing with activity . I am headed out the door very early not to accomodate lines but to ensure I have the time to "catch up" at the polls.

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lime said...

that's really interesting. i always took my kids when they were small too.

can't say as i ever caught up on news at a polling station but i do remember my first vote when i was in college and all the matriarchs were so excited to make sure i knew how to use the ballot (old style punch cards). it felt good to vote that day.