Monday, December 1, 2008

Random updates

Was reading my own blog and thought I would update some previous story lines.
The hen I delivered to my parents is surviving and has been named "Cat" or "kitty" for her anti-social behavior.
My mom is gaining hair back at light speed. She wore one of brothers awful wigs to greet thanksgiving guests, only to happily reveal her fuzzy growth! Her spirit is unbeatable!
Mini-me is coming home next semester to trasfer to local state college and commute.
To quote the director of housing when asked 'How does one get out of a housing contract?',

"Unfortunately I hear this a lot and simply put, it takes money to attend college."

Thank you captain obvious. I would not have called except we are middle-middle class and foolishly thought we would qualify for some sort of financial aid. I did submit the form and letter in tripiclate explaining the recent loss of job in the family and even played the cancer card but only get out of housing contract if you trasfer, so here we go. AT LEAST she has decided on a direction: Spanish major. YAY!

After turkey three ways (fried, baked, smoked), i am ready to go back to work and get some exercise.

Back to life, back to reality, back to the here and now yeah....

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lime said...

your mama sounds like she has a GREAT spirit. good for her.

thanks for the updates.