Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A day in the life....

A day in the life of the job I hate to love includes cold frustration and dirty noise. I offer my first video clip because it demonstrates not only the horrendous sounds but the wicked wind that is twice as blustery in an interstate corridor but thrice as chilling on the hill above same. If you squint at the beginning of the video you might see a UFO, masquerading as a simple plastic bag traveling at light speed in the background. Turn volume down quickly.

The human figure that wanders out of the bottom left of the video is a very beautiful girl -Maria from El Salvador. Her and her husband work together, she is support, he is the foreman jumping while managing the concrete bucket atop the forms. My husband and I have become quite good friends with them over the almost 2 yrs we have been involved with this project. They have shared much of their culture with us and Maria and I spend as much time as possible schooling each other in our second languages. We can be seen on any day scribbling in the dirt trying to get whatever random point across. Others have said it is hilarious to watch us, since she is naturally very expressive and I end up acting things out to get her to understand.

The following is a short clip (not short enough, again turn down speaker volume) of the previously blogged-about AMZING PILE HAMMER. It takes approximately 3o mins to drive one pile, contractor makes about 5 a day. The rest of the day is spent rigging, setting up a template for proper pile location and managing earplugs.

I plan enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving with the 'rents and about 20 other famly members. Best laid plans blah blah blah, Mom and Dad just got a Wii and I kind of look forward to Mario Kart with dad. They heard the Wii was good for exercise and of course purchased the sports package, but showed their age with the statement "Did you know that Mario Kart has nothing to do with F-1 racing?" LOLOLOL

Back to work on Fri but look forward to reading blogs this weekend!

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lime said...

that is so wonderful about you and maria forming a friendship and learning from each other.

as for that pile driver....do you hear that thing in your sleep? lordy...