Thursday, November 13, 2008

Stress Olympics

So far this week I have had to participate in many categories. There's the "leaving the toilet seat up in unisex restroom of field office" that I am losing since I am outnumbered by boys (clearly not men). Since my loudmouth complaints were waged, there is now a new category of "Seat down and dribble".
Outdoor activities include "writing in dirt on inspectors truck when back is turned" and "who can place paint can under tire when she is not looking". I am losing on all fronts.
In light of the fact that i haven't won a medal yet since we lose every specification battle I wage, I took wednesday off to recharge for an end of the week play-off that i am sure to win. It is called "dropping the H bomb" on certain lowlife individuals. (H= harrassment)

I have NEVER filed a complaint in this field, even turned down a chance to join a class action against a large company years ago because I just wasn't raised that way. I try to follow the 3 rules of my childs former kindergarten:

1. Ask offender to stop.
2. If it continues, move away from offender.
3. If they follow, then and only then do you tattle.

I consider myself thickskinned and wise to the guise of their motives but I have had it. I shall arrive on site today with my head held high, certain trusted individuals on lookout and the goal of lighting up the next person that even looks at me wrong!!!

Can I get a 'Hell yeah' ?


lime said...

hell yeah!

go get 'em.

Breazy said...

Hi, I was over reading Lime's blog and came upon the link over here so I thought I would check it out. If you don't mind I would like to link you, you sound like my kind of person.

Oh yeah....hell yeah! Even though it was days ago, I hope the particular day you were speaking of turned out the way you wanted. :)

Lulda Casadaga said...

I'll send ya a " and a Hell yeah...sorry, I"m originally from New Joisey and just had to add that extra comment. :) Good luck dealing with the a..holes!!

Happy belated Birthday!!

I came via Lime...stop by and visit my blog.